Fantastic first week for Create a Commentary App

When we had the idea of making personalised commentaries, we weren't quite sure if they'd take off. I remember standing in my little booth at the Living North Christmas fair November 2010 just before the doors opened wondering if anyone would actually 'get' the whole idea.

Well, they did. And at the start of 2011, we began work on what would eventually become the Create A Commentary app.

It's a scary time for any business though. A new product becomes your focus and your life throughout the 'gestation' period of its development. That first day of launch is tense, exciting and to be frank - terrifying. If it doesn't work then you've wasted months of planning and energy and money.

So - this is the background to last Tuesday when our Create A Commentary app went live in the Apple app store. To begin with - we could only find it by searching, but thanks to you lot, it quickly moved up the rankings of the Sports section of the store. Top 20, number 12, 9, 6, 4 and finally on Friday afternoon - NUMBER 2!

Mick Lowes, Mark Lawrenson and Jamie Wilkinson at the launch of the personalised commentary app Create A Commentary
We were absolutely thrilled. More people bought out little funny app last week than bought the ones made by Chelsea or Arsenal of Spurs! I was getting texts, tweets and facebook messages every other minute from people who were following its progress - I think we all came a bit obsessed watching the various app store charts to see where it would end up!

But of course the work doesn't stop there. There are plenty of updates on the way - including most importantly getting various surnames and first names added to the app, and some exciting options regarding goal scoring and eventually.... penalties!

The app store website has more information on the app - and you can see where it is in the sports chart by clicking on SPORTS from the drop down category menu on the app store homepage.